Melius Capital Partners

Smart Real-Estate Investments in Michigan, USA


Melius Capital Partners is an investments company specializing in investments in the US Real Estate Market.
The company was founded and is being managed by experienced real-estate developers and managers.
The company focuses on acquisitions, improvements and realization of residential properties within short time periods while rendering high returns and expanded risk management.

Unique investment model, on the correct location, at exact timing and the management of a winning team

Investments Advantages

Experienced Team

A team with rich real-estate experience


Investing in a number of properties and not just a single one

Investment Range

Short – medium investment range

High Returns

Purchasing properties in demand locations and below their values, improving and realizing them

Risk Management

Using all our tools and mechanisms to secure our investors’ funds

Convenience, Simplicity and Transparency

The investment carries out from Israel and in Hebrew, when most convenient, throughout the whole investment period, and all in complete transparency to our investors

Investment Model


The investment model is unique. The investors register as partners at a designated American company which is managed by Melius Capital Partners that purchases a number of residential properties, improves and realizes them in a very short time period. The focus is on purchasing properties solely at high demand areas, which are available for purchase significantly below their values.
These properties are purchased from bank executions, public auctions, foreclosures, properties off the market or private sellers undergoing hardships. Following purchases, the properties undergo renovations in order to maximize their values.
During an investment’s lifetime a number of properties shall be purchased, a strategy granting a higher level of security than investing in a single one. Following the improvements, properties are offered for sale in the public market, using effective pricing strategies.

Risk Management


Inspecting Examination of Assets

Each property is examined by an Inspector ahead purchase so as to secure its engineering and planning state, and also goes through a legal examination by a Title company to ensure the property is debt and lien free


Improvements Process

All property improvements are overseen by a building inspector in charge of the property’s renovation, monitoring the quality of the contractor’s work and the progress before payments are made


Strictly Careful Management

Close follow-up on progress, and on processes of purchasing, improving and realizing the property



Full transparency for investors by providing quarterly and timely reports


Limited Liability

Investors’ responsibility is limited to their own investment scope alone



All properties are registered under the fund alone



As partners each investor receives a relative component of the property which constitutes as a collateral



All companies and service providers with whom we work are US licensed and registered professionals



All properties are insured from the day of purchase to the day they’re sold

Investment Location

We focus on Michigan State, USA. The US economy is considered to be the strongest, most stable and most secure for foreign investors economy in the world. The Subprime crisis rendered many opportunities in residential real-estate. Michigan has become to one of the most interesting states in residential real-estate investments, due to a unique special conditions’ combination of which renders great purchase and improvement opportunities on one hand, and realization opportunities thanks to the rises in demand on the other hand.


Grove av. 4340, Holt

Hilborn Lane 3810, Lansing

Brighton dr. 3717, Lansing

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